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Welcome To Snowball Quilt Company

Valerie and Lori are sisters who have been quilting with their mother, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and cousins since they were children.  They are inspired particularly by their mother who was always creating beautiful works of art through sewing.  She inspired a lifetime of creativity and hard work.

Valerie ran a successful business in the early days of internet sales. The Bottomline offered cloth diapers and other custom products.  Valerie was able to help supplement her family's income. She also participated in theater and show choir costume development and production and built many longstanding relationships with suppliers in the LA Fabric District. Valerie developed a lifelong love of quilting from sewing experience. Although she is well versed in sewing broadly, quilting is her passion.

Lori has run a successful Real Estate business for 15 years. She is synonymous with expertise and professionalism in the Real Estate field. Lori has enjoyed decompressing from the stresses of career in real estate by unleashing her creative spirit. This creativity has generated hundreds of custom quilt piecing and quilting projects.  She has honed the art of free motion quilting and design, allowing her to grow in the craft.

The sisters have been told many times through the years, "Your quilts are gorgeous, you should start a business." This became the inspiration for Snowball Quilt Company


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